Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

AVDC need to carry out reviews of their UK Parliamentary polling districts and polling places at least once every four years to ensure that they are still suitable for electors to vote at. Various factors are assessed including location, size, availability and accessibility. The full guidance for these reviews is provided by the Electoral Commission and can be viewed here

You can download information about our 2014 review below.

Polling Arrangements for the Aylesbury Parliamentary Constituency

Polling Arrangement for the Buckingham Parliamentary Constituency

Comments Received During the Consultation Period

Additional Information on the Review

Additionally, please see a map of the wards of the District Council and a list of the District wards with their component parishes.

District Wards Map

District Wards with their Component Parishes

You can download information about our 2016 interim review below.

Notice of Interim Review Provis Wharf