Committee details

General Purposes Committee

Purpose of committee

The role of the General Purposes Committee


Matters Delegated for Decision


To deal with election and electoral matters.


To exercise any functions in relation to parishes, parish meetings and parish councils including changing the name of a parish.


To make, amend or revoke bylaws.


To deal with any functions relating to the designation of a proper officer.


To deal with any personnel or pension matters not covered by the Senior Appointments Committee, the Appeals and Complaints Committee or by officer delegations.


To take any necessary action to enable recommendations to be made in respect of the matters listed below which are reserved to the Council.


To deal, where legally permissible, with any matter including the authorisation of legal proceedings which requires a decision of the Council and which cannot reasonably be dealt with in the normal cycle of meetings (see also note below).


To deal with any matter which, by virtue of the Local Authorities (Functions and Responsibilities) (England) Regulations 2000 as amended or any other statutory provision cannot be the responsibility of the Cabinet and does not fall within the terms of reference of any other Committee or within the Scheme of Officer Delegations.


To keep under review the political management arrangements.


Matters Reserved to Council


Approval of:-


Proposals to change the District’s warding arrangements.


Final recommendations arising from a Parish Review.


Proposals to change the name or the boundaries of the District.


The promotion of, or opposition to, local or personal bills.


Corporate management arrangements and salary awards.


Changes to the Constitution.


The full terms of reference for this committee can be read here



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